Samsung Galaxy A34 SM-A346B PinOUT

Samsung Galaxy A34 SM-A346B PinOUT

Test Point on Samsung Galaxy A34 SM-A346B is a point on the phone's motherboard, used to connect the phone to the computer via USB port to perform tasks such as loading firmware, unbrick or change ROMs. This is an important part of the device repair or upgrade process.

Test Point is usually located in a certain location on the phone's motherboard, and to find it, you need to disassemble the device and have technical knowledge about how to do it. It can be found near points such as conector pinout or points related to communication with the computer. Once you have identified the Test Point, you can use an adapter cable to connect your phone to your computer and perform the necessary repair tasks.

Note that opening the phone and searching for Test Point may damage the device if not done properly. To ensure the safety and performance of your device, it is recommended to send your phone to a professional repair center if you do not have experience with this.
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