Realme C11 Display Light Problem

Realme C11 Display Light Problem

The problem of the screen light of Realme C11 can cause difficulties and trouble for users. Below is a description of the issue:

Problem: Realme C11's screen light is not working or displaying unevenly.


Realme C11 is a mid-range mobile phone with an IPS LCD screen. However, sometimes screen light problems can occur, making it difficult or impossible to use the phone. Below is a specific description of the screen light problem:

Dark screen: The screen does not glow or only displays some dark areas, making it impossible to view the content.

The screen is bright evenly: In this case, the screen may be bright evenly, but there is no image or the image is unclear and blurred.

Appearance of bright spots or irregular light spots: There may be areas of the screen that appear brighter, forming irregular bright spots or spots.


The problem of screen light on Realme C11 can come from the following causes:

Backlight failure: The LCD backlight may be damaged or have problems, resulting in no light behind the screen.

Display cable is damaged or not connected well: The display cable may be damaged or not connected properly, causing screen light problems.

Hardware error on the motherboard: Hardware problems on the phone's motherboard can affect the performance of the screen light.


To solve the screen light problem on Realme C11, you can do the following steps:

Restart your phone: Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the problem temporarily.

Check the backlight: If the backlight is broken, you need to replace it with a repair or screen replacement.

Check the display cable: Make sure the cable connects the display properly and is not damaged. If necessary, replace the cable with a new one.

Check the motherboard: If the problem comes from the hardware on the motherboard, you should contact technical service for inspection and repair.

Note that testing and repairing display light problems requires professional engineering and should be performed at a trusted technical service or warranty center.
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