OPPO A33 Display Light Problem

OPPO A33 Display Light Problem

OPPO A33 is one of OPPO's popular smartphone series, but sometimes users may encounter problems related to the device's display light. This issue is commonly known as the "Display Light Problem," and it may affect your usage experience.


Broken or damaged backlight circuit: The backlight in the display may be damaged, and this will cause problems with the display light.

Software error: Software problems can cause problems with the display light. Improper applications or settings may cause the screen light to not work as expected.

How to fix:

  1. Restart the device: Sometimes, restarting the phone can fix simple software issues and the display light can work again.
  2. Check your screen light settings: Make sure you've checked all the screen light settings on your device. You may have turned off automatic screen light adjustment or power saving mode.
  3. Check the backlight and electrical circuit: If the problem continues after you have tried the basic measures, you should contact a service center or a repair specialist to have any components checked and replaced. Any hardware component is damaged.
  4. Update or change ROM: In some cases, updating or changing ROM can help fix software problems if caused by old or unstable software versions.

Remember, if you have problems with the display light on OPPO A33, you should do a basic check first and then contact OPPO technical support service or official repair centers to help you fix it. Solve the problem in the best way.
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