Nokia C21 Plus TestPoint

Nokia C21 Plus TestPoint

Delete pattern, password, fingerprint on Nokia C21 Plus with UFI Box you can easily solve it with this method if you are a new graduate technician or an experienced technician related to android software if If the USB not recognized error occurs then your USB is not working. if the battery is not charged, your USB socket will not work properly and you will fail this method.

Pinout image of Nokia C21 Plus ISP EMMC:

Hardware process:

You need to remove the case from the phone. Next, remove the motherboard from the existing battery, fingerprint sensor, and camera.
Remove the screws from the motherboard and take it out and put it in a safe place.
On your motherboard, locate the six eMMC pins. The pins are Dat 0, CLK, CMD, GND, VCC and VCCQ.
Bring the UFI box and take the adapter out of the box. You will see identical pins in the adapter I mentioned in the previous step.
Solder 4 pins: Dat0, CLK, CMD and GND with jumpers between motherboard and adapter. Leave VCC and VCCQ for USB to disable them.
Place the adapter inside the UFI box. Connect the box to the computer.
Connect the motherboard to the phone's battery. Then, plug the USB cable into the phone and connect it to the computer.
Repair dead Nokia C21 Plus or any brand phone you need two best dongles on the market, one is easy jtag plus and the other is ufi box, both are the best in the market. those boxes help some phones after installing the wrong firmware do not show bootable on the screen. this one you need those boxes for boot repair. some brands, it is not possible to remove the key like pin, pattern, password, FRP and MDM key, this really support for key erasing.
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