Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Charging Solution

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Charging Solution

If you face any problem like Samsung Galaxy A52 5G not charging, charging paused or charging slow... Here we will give you suggestions on how to solve this problem. For example, you won't be able to charge your phone using the phone's direct USB charger, using a universal charger becomes impossible when you're using a phone powered by an existing battery.

Reasons for charging problems Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

There are a few basic hardware-related reasons why your Samsung Galaxy A52 is slow to charge and I will explain each one in turn and in order of increasing probability.

  • The phone can be damaged by water.
  • Dust particles may be present in the charging connector.
  • Your charger may be faulty.
  • The connection to the phone may have been lost.
  • The phone has been physically damaged.
  • One of the capacitors may be faulty.
  • The charging IC may be faulty.

Solution Samsung Galaxy A52 5G not charging

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Charging Solution

In the image below we will share with you how to charge Samsung Galaxy A52 5G SM-A526B and check its jumper continuity using a multimeter if any damage breaks it. wire on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G motherboard.

  1. First, open your cell phone
  2. Then clean the charging connector part of the mobile motherboard
  3. Then remove the old charging connector and add a new one
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