Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Charging Solution

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Charging Solution

In this post, we will share with you how to solve Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Charging Solution. Imagine when you need to make or receive calls, record movies, take photos and your phone is running out of battery but you have no way to charge it.

There are several possible causes of charging problems

  • If the phone gets into the water, the charging circuit will be damaged
  • Falling, strong impact causes the charging pin to be broken or deformed
  • Damaged battery
  • Faulty charger or cable

Hardware solutions for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite charging problems

In the image below we are going to share with you how to repair Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite phone and jumper continuity check with a multimeter if any damage damages the jumper on the motherboard Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite SM-G770F.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Charging Solution

There are four basic hardware-related reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite may charge slowly and I will explain each of them in turn and in ascending order of probability.

  • There is dirt or debris stuck in the charging port.
  • The charger is damaged or defective.
  • The USB cable is no longer working properly.
  • You are using a non-genuine charger or a weak USB port.

After doing these things, if the mobile phone is resolved then insert the mobile phone. If the problem is still not resolved after doing these, refer to the image below to do the job.
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