Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Solution

Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Solution

In this guide, we will share with you how to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Solution. If your phone has no sound or you are having sound and volume problems of any kind then here are some things that you can try.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Solution

The reason why Samsung Galaxy A20 lost its speakerphone

  • The speakerphone may be faulty.
  • Small, distorted sound often occurs when there is dust on the speaker grilles.
  • The coils may be faulty.
  • There is no continuity between the contacts and the speaker coil.
  • Speaker board contact problem.

Solution to repair Samsung Galaxy A20 phones that have lost speakers

Test speakers with a multimeter, replace if damaged. Distorted sound is caused by weak speakers or damaged internal coils.
If the speaker is good and there are no problems, make sure that the contact is not misaligned. Then, clean the speaker contacts to avoid oxidation.
Check each corresponding buzzer + and buzzer - connection paths to each component where it is being connected.
If any buzzer + or - is missing then create a jumper.
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