Xiaomi Mi 11 Touch Screen Solution

Xiaomi Mi 11 Touch Screen Solution

In this article, we will share with you how to troubleshoot Xiaomi Mi 11 screen with touch error, disorder or touch paralysis. If you have tried to fix Xiaomi Mi 11 touch screen broken and replace touch problem, try to calibrate touch screen settings, restore, upgrade and flash firmware but the problem is not fixed .

Signs Xiaomi Mi 11 touch error

  • Touch screen disorder, partial or total paralysis
  • Back button or multitasking is not touch
  • Touch automatically jumps on the screen
  • Touch screen not working at all

The reason why the touch screen of Xiaomi Mi 11 is damaged

Usually, damage can be caused by the phone being exposed to water or other liquids. Causing corrosion and rusting touch screen cable connection. Or broken, cracked screen makes some segments difficult to touch and can also cause ghosting on the touch screen. And another possibility is that the IC components on the touch screen have been damaged.

1. Calibrate the touch screen

For this, it can be done if your Xiaomi Mi 11 phone has a touch error or is difficult to touch in a certain part.

2. Clean touch screen connection

Xiaomi Mi 11 Touch Screen Solution is applicable when Xiaomi Mi 11 phone gets wet with water or other liquids. Causes the touch screen to fail or make it difficult to touch certain parts such as the back button or the multitasking button. You must disassemble the phone, then check the connection on the touch screen for corrosion or rust. If there is, immediately wipe it with a brush and add a little alcohol solution to make the connection clean and normal again.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Touch Screen Solution

3. Touch screen replacement

If after aligning and cleaning the connection, the status of the Xiaomi Mi 11 touch glass has not returned to normal. The best step might be to change the touch screen part to a new one. For changing components, please do so carefully to avoid breaking the LCD.
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