Samsung Galaxy A10e Backlight Solution

Samsung Galaxy A10e Backlight Solution

In this article, we will share with you solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy A10e phones that lose screen light, screen light is weak, screen is white, screen is not displayed... display problem on the phone screen or the light on the screen is not working properly, it may be because the LCD screen of Samsung Galaxy A10e A102u is damaged. You can replace it with a new LCD in good condition, but what if the Samsung Galaxy A10e screen is flickering or underexposed or has no backlight at all.

Some possible reasons why Samsung Galaxy A10e phone does not display the backlight

  • Phone dropped, screen broken.
  • Samsung phone exposed to liquid or water.
  • Damaged components inside Samsung Galaxy A10e.

Step 1: Replace screen Samsung Galaxy A10e

Proceed to replace the screen, if on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A10e phone there is a broken or cracked phenomenon, this may be the cause of the screen failure.

Step 2: Reinstall the software on your Samsung phone

No backlight on Android phones may be caused by a bug in the phone's operating system, you can reinstall it to solve the problem.

Step 3: Check the LCD screen connection

Try to test the whole connection on the PCB board, especially on the LCD screen connection. May be corroded or rusted, clean immediately with liquid alcohol and support with a brush, let the connection condition clean again and take action when the connection is separated.

Step 4: Check circuit and voltage

You can try to check the path on the Samsung Galaxy A10e Android phone board for backlight damage.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Backlight Solution

In the schematic image of the path connected to each component, you can check using a multimeter. When path damage is encountered, a jumper path can be implemented to return the device to normal.

Step 5: Replace components

With the above guide, you can perform a test of connected components. If there are defective components after checking and measuring with a multimeter, you can make new component replacements with the same value.

Check your phone for any damage carefully, to avoid increased damage and further harm to yourself. Thanks.
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