Xiaomi Mi 11 Charging Solution

Xiaomi Mi 11 Charging Solution

In this post we will tackle the Xiaomi Mi 11 Charging Solution, as charging is one of the most important processes that needs to work no matter what. This phone has a 4600mAh battery and it can last several days if used for texting, calling and browsing the web. But such hardware becomes useless if the device fails to charge. So let's try to take a closer look at this problem to see if there is anything we can do to solve it.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Charging Solution

Below are the most common causes of your Xiaomi Mi 11 having trouble charging and other battery related problems like battery problems.

  • Defective Diode
  • Defective capacitor
  • Faulty resistor
  • Damaged coil
  • Faulty IC
  • Poor USB port

Hardware reasons for Xiaomi Mi 11 charging problem

There are four basic hardware-related reasons why your Xiaomi Mi 11 might charge slowly and I will explain each one in turn and in ascending order of probability.

  • There is dirt or debris stuck in the charging port.
  • The charger is damaged or defective.
  • The USB cable is no longer working properly.
  • You are using a non-genuine charger for your phone or the USB port is weak.
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