Bison Tool v0.2 Free Activation

Bison Tool v0.2 Free Activation

Bison Tool v0.2 is a tool specifically for Windows computers, designed by PK3M and free to use. This update allows users to Hide erase all content and settings, Hide software updates, Block OTA updates, Restore MAC address, Analyze iDevice Panic logs...

This is a simple tool that allows you to unlock iPhone, iPad and fix device errors with just one click. Bison Tool v0.2 needs to be activated from the developer's Facebook page, it may take a few minutes to provide you with the key. You can copy the key on the tool and use it for free.

Features of Bison Tool v0.2

  • FMI OFF Passcode: Read tokens and OFF iCloud live on Mac
  • Apple Finder: Looking for AppleID, SN, PhoneNumber
  • Bypass Passcode / Disable Full: Full-wave, full notice, iMess / Ft
  • Fake iOS for Active ICCID: similar v1. 6.3 on Windows
  • Quick Eraser All: Whitening rub
  • Show OTA Updates: Showing Updates for hidden machines
  • Hide Software Updates / Hide Eraser All: Hide Update, Hide Reset line
  • Enter/Exit Recovery Mode
  • Block / Enable iTunes Update: Turn off / turn on update notifications on Mac avoid checkrain error, no MacOS re-install
  • Block / Enable Finder with Recovery / DFU Mode: Turn off / turn on Finder when jailbreak in Recover / DFU to avoid disturbance

Instructions for using Bison Tool v0.2

  1. First, you need to download and extract the file on your computer.
  2. Next, open "BiSon Tool v0.2 by PK3M" as administrator.
  3. An activation window on the computer will appear, you need to fill in all the content.
  4. Click here to get PC_ ID.
  5. It takes 5-10 minutes to receive the token.
  6. Copy the provided token and the old code on the tool, then click the login button.
  7. Done.


File name: Bison Tool V0.2
Previous Version: Bison Tool V0.1
File Size: 115MB
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