iCloud Bypass iOS 14.7 with Signal

iCloud Bypass iOS 14.7 with Signal

The end of an era is near, the iCloud bypass GSM it’s patched on iOS14.6. We know that Apple fixed the flaw in the baseband that allowed iCloud bypass on the GSM devices activate with network and signal, for more than a year this was the most common method to bypass. But if you still want to update your device to iOS14.7 (beta) and want to use classic cloud bypass tools you might have luck because apple downgrades the baseband on iOS14.7 iPhone 8 and X, allow again the possibility of bypassing.

How To Use?

First, you need to download the IPSW firmware beta iOS14.7 ( go to ipsw beta and select iOS14.7 and click on your device to download IPSW )
Now restore IPSW using 3uTools, iTunes or your MAC
Now Jailbreak use checkra1n 0.12.3
after Jailbreak all is set to bypass u can now use any iCloud bypass that supports GSM for example BIGB033 Bypass tool for windows.
Now you can add a new iCloud ID and setup your device.
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