ADB Fastboot and USB Driver installer Tool for Windows

ADB Fastboot and USB Driver installer Tool for Windows

In this post, I have the latest solution for download and install the latest version of USB Drivers for ADB & Fastboot mode. this is a collection of download drivers with simple instructions.



The ADB Fastboot Application’s overall size is around 2 MB only and allows you to quickly set up the ADB and Fastboot files on the computer. In comparison, the Android SDK package weighs more than 500 MB.


It comes as an installer package, which means you have to install the ADB Tool package on the computer to set up everything. Download and extract the computer package> Run the .exe file to Launch the Setup > follow the screen instructions to complete the setup.

Quick Installation:

The ADB Fastboot installation package is hardly 2 MB, so it takes a few seconds to install on the computer. All you have to Click on the Next button post launching the Setup window to complete the installation process.

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