Keep Your Bypass After iOS 14.6 Save SHSH Blobs Free Download

Keep Your Bypass After iOS 14.6 Save SHSH Blobs Free Download

In this post, I have the latest version of blobsaver for WIN+MAC. the tool is very simple to use it is allowed users to save SHSH Blobs for Downgrade iOS Version. if you have saved SHSH Blobs then you can easily downgrade in the future with the OLD iOS Version. if you know then today's latest iOS version 14.7 or above is not supported jailbreak or iCloud bypass any tool. if you need to update your iPhone then please first save SHSH Blobs because if you did not save then your device is not supported iCloud bypass.

Hi friends, today we are publishing this tool for WINDOWS&MAC so you can save your SHSH blobs and downgrade any time in the future. 

Features Blobsaver:

Automatically save blobs in the background
Store up to ten devices with presets
Save blobs for beta versions
Read all the information (including the apnonce) from a connected device, so you don't have to get it manually
No need to download the entire .ipsw for beta versions(just specify link)
How To Use?
Double click on the installer file. If your computer says that "this application is untrusted", then it is because of 'Windows SmartScreen'. Just click on: "more info" and then hit: "run anyway". There are plans for adding a portable edition so you don't have to install it anyway.
File Information:

Filename: Blobssaver 2.5.5 Windows + MAC
File Size: 5 MB
File Type: rar
File Password: 1Cracked
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