FreeiPhoneGSM v2.3 Free Download

FreeiPhoneGSM v2.3 Free Download

In this post, we would like to share with everyone FreeiPhoneGSM v2.3 tool used to identify IMEI, MAC Address, Serial Number, Bluetooth Address, SN Reading, Ethernet Address ... completely free. You need to jailbreak your device, open the tool and start using it.


- This service will bypass the SIM lock on a locked iPhone as well as the iCloud activation lock. After bypassing use iPhone as a normal phone
- If the device is blacklisted by a carrier SIM may not work in the country where it is blacklisted. This service doesn't bypass the blacklist status of the device
- This is bypassing service so in case of restore / reset device will be iCloud and SIM relocked and you will need to use the software again but for free!
- MAC OS needed


- Untethered bypass - you can reboot the device and keep the bypass
- Instant reply
- iOS 12 - 13.4.1 supported
- No flex hub needed
- No need to jailbreak before the order. The tool will do all itself
- Use iPhone as a normal phone
- In case of restore / reset use the tool for free to bypass it again
- Enjoy features like Facetime, iMessage, your Apple ID, incoming and outcoming calls / SMS, etc


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