Bypass Google Account Realme 5

Bypass Google Account Realme 5

What is unlock Google account on Android phone? Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method designed to prevent unauthorized recovery of your mobile phone.

When we use the Hard Reset Realme 5 feature to clear the screen password the device will ask for a Google account. If you have forgotten your Google account, please refer to the article below.

Instructions to unlock Google account on Realme 5

- After restoring, go to setup as usual: Select the language, enter the wifi password ... until the screen asks for verification as below.

- Return to the Emergency Call Emergency Call

- Enter * # 812 #
- The machine will skip the verification process to get inside the machine
- Go to settings> Additional settings> Backup & reset> Erase all data (reset device)> Erase all data.
- Wait for the device to restart and enjoy the results.

We will update the latest solutions here, if you have any difficulty in the repair process please leave a comment below for support.

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Good luck!
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