Appear tool turns iPhone brick into international

Appear tool turns iPhone brick into international

This tool supports devices from iPhone 6 to iPhone X, running iOS 13. It is priced at 1-1.3 million.

More than two weeks ago, a website called checkra *** appeared, allowing users to download free tools that can unlock iCloud devices such as iPhones and iPads.

The tool exploits the "checkm8" vulnerability, related to the bootrom of iPhone and iPad. Bootrom is the read-only memory section, which contains the first code snippets that are run each time the user boots the iOS device.

Information from this website said that the tool supports iCloud unlock for models from iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS OS version 12.3 or higher. The drawback is that the device after unlocking will be disabled for calling and texting.

Recently, on the official Twitter page, the hacker group Minacriss has announced that they have successfully developed a tool that can unlock iCloud, while the device can still listen and call completely normal.

According to the video posted by the Minacriss team, with one click, the tool was able to bypass the Activation Lock screen on the locked iPhone X. The device has also received SIM and can make calls.

In early August, the hacker group Minacriss once announced that they had discovered a security hole on Apple's iOS platform. This vulnerability allows them to take advantage of to lock devices like iPhone, iPad remotely without having to contact or manipulate on the machine.

In the community of iPhone network users, Nham Hoang Khang account, admin of this group, said the tool works with the iPhone lock, helping users activate the device without needing a SIM transplant as before.

"With this method, the unlocked iPhones can act as hidden iCloud devices. The tool supports devices from iPhone 6 to iPhone X, running iOS 13.0 and above," said Khang. said.

This tool is offered for sale at 1-1.3 million VND, depending on the unlocking support from the model. Currently, it can only work on macOS platform.
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