Install MIUI Fastboot ROM for Xiaomi devices

Install MIUI Fastboot ROM for Xiaomi devices

Fastboot ROM for Xiaomi devices is installed via PC (computer), is also a way to install ROM for device, more secure than using Recovery or Updater. This is also a way to save the device in case of unlucky logo, brick ...


Install as instructed below

When installing, if your computer does not have .NET Framework 3.5 installed, XiaoMiFlash will lead you to the download path.

After installing .NET, you reopen the XiaoMiFlash installation file to install.


Select the correct version of the machine to download the corresponding ROM Fastboot at the link on the homepage of MIUI:

Note the convention versions are as follows:

Developer: For developers (updated every Friday)
Stable: Stable version (updated with no specific schedule)
Global: Version for the international market (in Vietnamese and with Google Apps)
China: Version for China market (English and Chinese only, without Google Apps)

(After downloading the ROM test, there must be an extension of "* .tgz". If it is "* .gz" then you must change the name to "* .tgz" to avoid errors.)


Turn the device to Fastboot mode by turning it off completely and pressing the Volume down button combination and the Power button.
This time the screen will display as below:

Plug the cable connected to the computer, wait for the computer to receive all the drivers.


Click on the downloaded ROM file and extract it.

Copy the link in the address bar.(Note: The directory path address must not have spaces, such as "New Folder" which must be as seamless as "NewFolder" to prevent errors that cannot load the path)


Open MiFlash.exe and paste it into the address bar of the ROM file directory path copied in the previous step.
(Can be replaced by selecting Browse)

Click the Refresh button (circled in yellow) to refresh, then MiFlash will automatically recognize the device being connected.
After the device has been identified, in the table below, there will be information (Index, Device ...)
Now you can press Flash to run.
If you want the option of the types of methods to run to retain data in the machine or not, select the options below:

Flash all: Wipe out nothing after Flash
Flash all Flash all except storage: Clear except the internal memory
Flash all except data and storage: Don't delete application data and memory


Wait until the running process is complete, the progress bar will be filled with green.
Once completed, the device will automatically reboot and you will be able to use normally.

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