How to Fix J7 Pro Touch Screen Problem after Update

How to Fix J7 Pro Touch Screen Problem after Update



1. Driver: (15.3MB)
2. Download the latest Odin (new Android 8 support): Odin 3.13.1
3. Load and Flash Rom Combination J730G LV5: Rom Combination for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (SM-J730)
4. After Flash Rom Combination, go to the IME application in the main screen and type in *#0808# > select (DM + ACM + ADB) > Reboot
5. Continue to turn off the computer, go to Download Mode and flash the full rom lv5 (but only select 3 files): BL - AP - HOME_CSC: Full Rom for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (SM-J730)
6. Start up, use the OTG + mouse cable to activate in and go to Settings Restore factory settings

7. For devices without sensor inductance (ie screen zin), only want to bypass FRP, after restoring the original settings, flash the full rom again but select 4 files (Bl, AP, CP, CSC) Let me update the OTA later.


I. Turn on "OEM Unlock" under "Developer options"

After Bypass FRP is finished, continue using OTG cable + mouse in Settings Developer options > turn on OEM Unlock. Where the OEM Unlock item is hidden or In Download Mode, there is RMM State: Prenormal (as shown below), then we do the same after:

1. Turn off the power and return to Download Mode
2. Download this cr4ck tool, use it without the box, so rest assured: Miracle_Box-227.rar
3. Open the Miracle tool (open in le .rar without extracting it) > select the tab Samsung > tick Reset Reactivation / EE Locks section, press Start Button > tool and press All Done ... as shown below

4. At this time the phone still hangs in Download Mode, you press 3 keys simultaneously Power + Volume Down + Home for it to reboot into Download Mode, but it will display an error screen as shown below

5. Just leave the screen like that, connect to the computer, use Odin 3.13.1 flash full rom 4 files (lv5): BL - AP - CP - CSC: Full Rom for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (SM-J730)
6. After flash rom is finished, use OTG cable and mouse to activate in, open Custom Choose a developer who will see OEM Unlock now

II. Flash TWRP and rom fix

1. After opening OEM Unlock, return the device to bring it to Download Mode and use Odin flash the following TWRP file (J730G and J730GM both share this file): twrp_3.2.1_1_sm-j730gm_16318.tar
2. Download and copy this rom fix to the memory card (or device memory): (1.7G)
Note: this is a rom cook Android 8 version, no error will automatically restart or lose the speaker.
3. Insert the device to Recovery (TWRP) > Wipe data and flash rom fix above
4. Done
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