Fix crashes and Fastboot logo Xiaomi phones

Fix crashes and Fastboot logo Xiaomi phones

In the process of using the phone, the most annoying thing is the error of hanging up and hanging the Xiaomi phone logo. This makes it difficult for users to use it. So what is the cause of the above situation and how to fix it? Don't worry, because in this article I will show you how to fix crashes and hang the simplest Xiaomi phone logo.

The cause of crashes and hanging Xiaomi phone logo

- Because you open too many applications to consume RAM, the machine cannot process at the same time, resulting in the device having a logo hang.
- Because the application is not compatible with the software version of the device.
- The habit of plugging in the charger overnight, causing the device to power down, causing hardware errors, chip errors ... In this case, you should bring the device to reputable repair shops to request repair of the Xiaomi professional phone source IC. and safe.
- Running the program at home, the Update Online crashes.
- Rom Set Cook hangs.

Instructions on how to fix crashes and hang the Xiaomi phone logo

For software errors: Remove the battery or restart the device with the hot key

- For the Xiaomi can disassemble the battery as: Xiaomi Mi4, Mi 4S when error hanging logo please remove the battery, wait a few minutes and re-install (for Xiaomi series like Mi4 and Mi 4S, users will encounter difficulties towel when removing, inserting the battery). After mounting, continue to hold down the power button to restart the device. If the device does not display the picture, the battery may run out of power. Please charge the battery in a few minutes and try again.
- For Xiaomi machines can not remove the battery, use hotkey to restart. Hold down the Power key until the device turns off (about 7-10 seconds). About 1 minute later, restart the device.

If the above does not solve the problem, you can use 1 of 2 ways below to fix

Method 1: Run the system software again:

Step 1: Power off the device.
Step 2: Press the "Volume up" + "Power" key until the logo appears, leaving the "Power" key still holding the "Volume Up" key.
Step 3: Press "Volume Down" key to English line then press "Source" key to select.
Step 4: Press "Volume Down" key to "Wipe & Reset" line then press "Power" key to select.
Step 5: Press "Volume Down" key to "Wipe All Data" line then press "Power" key to select, followed by "Yes".
Step 6: After deleting, you can press the "Power" key and select "Reboot" to restart the computer.

Method 2: Repair boot via Fastboot or Recovery:

Step 1:

- Download root and recovery tools.
- Download the appropriate rom for your Xiaomi device.
- Download SuperSU if you need it.
- Download Fastboot tool for your Xiaomi.

Step 2:

- Extract the Fastboot File just downloaded. Copy the Recovery entry, to the same Fastboot folder just downloaded above.
- Return the device to Fastboot mode (press the + Volume "-" key), then plug the cable to connect the device to the computer.
- On the folder containing Recovery files and Fastboot hold Shift + right mouse button. Select the Open command windows here line. Then type the command: fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.0-0-cancro.img. To start the installation.
- After installation is complete, type the command: fastboot reboot to restart the computer.
- Hold down the power key and the volume key to enter Recovery mode.
- Select Install >> Select the downloaded ROM file in the device memory. Drag the slider from left to right to perform flash rom.
- After flash rom, you back out to choose SuperSU File. Drag the slider from left to right to root the device if you need root.

Step 3: After flash rom, select Reboot System to restart the computer.

Note: For Rom installation, since the manufacturer will not warrant if the user installs itself, it will cause damage to the software. The advice is that you should bring the device to the center, a reputable phone repair system to be supported in the most effective way.
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